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If you’ve recently injured yourself or have a pain but don’t know where it’s coming from then …

Patients who are having problems with their abdominal organs such as kidney, liver, pancreas …

Vascular MRI are useful for identifying clots, plaque, and other problems that could be …


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Why Choose Us?

We provide all types of MRI imaging for patients who need a cheap price with no hidden fees. We ensure all of our imaging is high quality so that patients can get the treatments they need. We also provide imaging with and without contrast and our open MRI machine helps make patients more comfortable.

Our main goal is to provide a peaceful and enjoyable MRI experience for our patients. We understand that for the majority of people, this is their first MRI. We will take extra time to answer questions and strive to make each customer feel at ease and relaxed throughout their MRI procedure.

We’re here answer any questions or concerns that you may have don’t hesitate to call us at (763)-244-8020

$555 Affordable MRI

Our company is leading the way in delivering affordable solutions for medical imaging in an overpriced marketplace. We offer extremely low prices for an MRI scans

Work Injury

If you have recently injured yourself while on a job getting an MRI is a great way to show the exact location of an injury and useful for getting proper treatment.


Sport Injury

Figuring out what was injured while playing sports is crucial when wanting to get back out into a game. MRI will help determine if its just a sprain or a tear that requires surgery.


Car Accident Injury

MRI can quickly show exactly what's wrong anywhere in the body and is a great tool for getting treatment. Anyone who's recently been in a car accident should get one as soon as possible.

How We Work?

Our quest at Affordable Medical Imaging is to drastically reduce Your medical imaging costs!
We are relentless in our quest to bring you low-cost MRI scans.

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Give us a call at (763)244-8020 or Fill out our easy contact form to get started with affordable MRI. We save you money while providing exceptional MRI imaging.
Before the MRI Scan, you will fill out a screening form that lets us know if you have anything that could interfere with the imaging procedure or could be a health risk. Afterwards will get you ready for your imaging.
Getting Ready
The MRI technologist will show you to a private changing room that contains a secure locker so you personal belongings are kept safe. You will be given a pair of shorts and a tee shirt so that you will be covered and comfortable.
During the MRI Scan
MRI examinations can between 15 to 25 minutes. You will be given pillows and blankets to feel as comfortable as possible and you will have a microphone in case you need the technologist.

What Our Client’s Say’s

Amazing Service!

"I was very pleasantly surprised with how kind the staff were and with how easy the whole process was. I was saved a lot of money and I was able to get my Doctor the images that they needed.
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown

Very Thorough

"I was extremely nervous to get my MRI done because I am claustrophobic, Thankfully the MRI technicians walked me through the whole process and made sure I was comfortable which helped a lot."
Dianne Miller
Dianne Miller

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