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What is MRI test for?

MRI Test is use for?

It can be used to observe the structure of the brain as well as the blood flow in the brain that increases in active areas. The imaging and resolution of the MRI is quite detailed and allows for the detection of small changes in body structures. For some parts of the body and some types of tissue, it can give clearer results than a CT scan.

Your doctor may prescribe a contrast dye for use during some MRI examinations so that the radiologist can better visualize internal tissues and blood vessels in the final images. In some cases, contrast material can be used during an MRI to more clearly show certain structures.

MRI or Xray

MRI is different from computed tomography (CT), which uses X-rays instead of magnets to produce images. While both tests show images of your body’s structures, MRIs are better at showing contrast and detail in soft tissues such as the brain, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and spinal cord, while CT scans are usually best for bones and the spine. visualization of blood vessels. MRI is different from computed tomography (also called computed tomography or computed axial tomography) because it does not use radiation. 

An MRI is similar to an X-ray (used for imaging bones). This is similar to computed tomography (also called computed tomography or computed tomography), which is used to create images of bones, muscles, and organs. 

Many people confuse the two scans because the hardware used for each is very similar. Both MRI and computed tomography can produce images of bones, organs, and other internal tissues. 

MRI operators (radiologists) can obtain cross-sectional images of the patient’s body from almost any angle. Damage or disease of internal organs, including the brain, heart, and digestive organs. MRI allows you to take images around the body at a certain angle and show the soft tissues very clearly.


Reading MRI

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